About Me & Testimonials

In 1989, I attended the Somerset School of Massage Therapy at night while working full time at AT&T for over 20 years.  I founded Under The Palms, in March of 1990.  Since then I have pursued taking various classes from sports massage, Rolfing® Certification in January 1996 in Boulder, Co at the Rolf Institute.  My current passion is Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy which has taught me so much about STILLNESS!  The phrase BE STILL & KNOW is underrated.  So much happens when we are in STILLNESS!  

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If you truly desire to have quality in your body, mind and spirit, please feel free to contact me at 908-874-0596.

An Example of Rolfing Results! 

Client was experiencing shoulder pain for a couple of weeks,  was afraid that he was having a heart attack, and spent 2 days in the hospital running all kinds of tests.  Thankfully he did not have a heart attack.  After assessing his posture I knew immediately what the issue was.  As you can see his head is way off to the right.  Through Rolfing he found much relief and felt lighter.  After just 2 sessions you can see the dramatic change. (Client consented the posting of these photos.) 

Testimonials From My Wonderful Clients ~ Thank You


I just wanted to thank you for the rib release!  The right side is a bit tender but those ribs are sitting in a position they haven't seen since 1990.  The left side has muscles coming in line that have been asleep for 23 years!  
Beth K. ~ 2013

Joey is one of a kind.  Not only is she highly professional and VERY talented in what she does, she is a beautiful person with a very big heart.  I have been a client of Joey's for over 15 years ~ rolfing, biodynamic cranio sacral, reiki and I have NEVER been disappointed.  She gives every person her best in every session and many people come a distance to be worked on by those wonderful hands.
Diane W. ~ 2013

Joey plays an important role in the integration of body, mind and spirit so necessary for the healing process. With her sensitivity, big HEART and gentle touch, she skilfully reminds the body/mind what it's like to feel relaxed and pain-free. Joey is the best friend a body could have! Her healing ways are so unique and powerful. The healing energy that she shares with me is beyond words. I am blessed to have her in my life.
Susan S. ~ 2013

 One of the greatest gifts Joey G. gives is not just her effective healing touch, but her thoughtful spirit and caring nature. A true healer! ~ Prof. Brandi 

While suffering from a herniated disc, my chiropractor suggested I visit Joey George of Under the Palms.  From Joey's attentive and structured massage and Rolfing® sessions my herniated disc no longer impedes my life.  I look forward to my monthly tune-up appointments and can think of no better gift you can give yourself than to have her help you feel better! A.G.

From the moment I entered Joey's healing space, I felt a warm, inviting and relaxing energy. The room just reflected the warmth, joy and love that Joey exudes when working with you doing what she loves to do. Her massage and mini-Rolfing technique released long-held tension and pain in my body. The session was great, as she continued to work to ensure my comfort and healing. I went home and slept like a baby. Joey rocks! Her massages and hands-on healing work are heartfelt.  ~ M.Z.

As a Joey G. client for over 18 years, I can truly say that she is the ultimate professional. For most practitioners that would be their highest accolade. What elevates Joey even more is the heart and soul she gives to her work. This passion is displayed in every session.  I truly appreciate her caring manner and over the years I have witnessed her expand her knowledge into other areas of healing.  She will always do what is right for her clients. She has earned the highest recommendation possible. ~ SVC

I have been going to Joey G. for approximately 6 months for Rolfing sessions. I have had sciatica pain in my right leg for some time and now the pain has substantially diminished. I was physically and mentally exhausted -- due to the deaths of my daughter and husband within 1 year's time. I went through the 10 week period of Rolfing and now I go every 2 weeks. At this time I feel energized - physically, mentally and spiritually - and this is due to the Rolfing sessions. This therapeutic massage has helped me immensely and Joey is a knowledgeable and wonderful therapist. I heartily recommend this treatment. ~ Mary C., 77 years of age.

Joey is an amazing body worker. Whenever she does a session on me, I'm transported to another time and place. She is experienced, confident in her approach, and knows how to get out of her own way to let healing occur. Joey has a gentle and loving energy that contributes to her ability to work magic. I'm so relaxed after a session with Joey that I have to pry myself off of the massage table! ~ Rawfully Tempting

I have personally known Joey G. since 1996 when she appeared at my Spirit Creek Healing Arts Center & Southwestern Gallery in Princeton, NJ

From the first moment we met, I was drawn to her joyfully balanced spirit and energy.  I had heard wonderful things about her massage and Rolfing skills and certainly confirmed the accolades once I had scheduled a session with her.


Joey G. is truly one of the most dedicated practitioners and healers I have had the honor and privilege to know and access for holistic support.  Aside from being a gifted practitioner, she has always sought to acquire new information and skills to incorporate into her healing practice.  Joey lives and works with consciousness, integrity and a pure heart and intention of helping others to live in health and balance. I am blessed to have her as my friend, and we are all fortunate to have her as an integral part of the Holistic community. 

Blessings and Love

Kayla Finlay – Founding Director of Raphael Hinda Holistic Wellness Cooperative


There I was,  on her table, after some two years desperately looking for the right massage therapist, thanking God for long overdue relief from pain and stiffness in my whole body, while begging for "deeper" touch. Joey "untied" my tight muscle ropes with an hour and a half Rolfing session.  And ever since then, not only has Joey helped me, but I bring both of my teenagers to her, one of whom is in a competitive sport.  After each session, I leave her office at least 10 pounds lighter and fully breathing. Inna B.

Working with Joey G. through a complete Rolfing series has been an amazing experience!  When you have been worked on by Joey you know it and you feel it! I, personally, saw dramatic results throughout the Rolfing series leaving me more present within my body and restoring me to a more proper alignment. 
Joey’s joyful presence and bright personality creates an environment of comfort and ease from the moment you walk in the door. Her knowledge, passion and commitment to your healing are evident from the beginning through her willingness to experiment and customize sessions to your particular needs. As a true holistic practitioner, she creates an environment of safety and support, which facilitates healing on all levels: mind, body and spirit. 
Joey G.’s genuine care for her clients and sincere intention to bring them to optimum health and well-being shine through in her work and in all that she brings to her sessions.~ Susan R. Somerville, NJ  

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me ~ without Rolfing, I would not be able to continue playing bass comfortably and do what I love.  For that, I am so thankful.  I will certainly be keeping in touch and calling you when I'm in need.  Again, thank you so much for being an excellent Rolfer.  With love and appreciation, Kelly K.