Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

BCST is a wonderful tool for taking oneself into a state of stillness, which then promotes healing on various levels from physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. The phrase “be still & know” is powerful beyond words. There is therapeutic value to slowing down and being present with oneself. Our bodies are over 90% fluid. Once our fluid body gets disrupted due to prolonged chronic stress, or emotional or physical traumas, studies indicate the sympathetic response can negatively impact digestion, increase hypertension, cause adrenal fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, pain, etc. Left neglected, the strains and stresses of daily life on the central nervous system can lead to pain, illness, injury or diminished health.

Gentle touch releases these strains on the nervous system as well as reorganizes the health of the body. Often when we are in pain we begin to isolate parts of our body— oh my back is killing me, my neck hurts, my shoulder hurts.  Sound familiar? It has been said that our issues are in the tissues. When the discomfort is reoriented around stillness via BCST we can transform these patterns in the whole fluid body, in which healing miraculously happens. Yes, we all have a story; by reorienting through BCST we can reframe our stories, thereby creating more peace within. Re-balancing our autonomic nervous system is the ultimate key to optimal health. If we aren’t adequately resourced, the stress-response imprints in our system can become a lifetime of internal discomfort. Our responses to current situations are conditioned by past experiences held within our mind and body.

Wondering what happens in a session? The client lies comfortably on a massage table, wearing loose, comfy clothing. The practitioner goes into a meditative state to slow down their own rhythm. Once the practitioner’s nervous system has slowed down, they may guide you into a meditative state. Once both are in synch, the practitioner will gingerly place their hand/hands on your body. Sometimes their hand/hands can be placed on one body part for the entire session or they can lightly place their hands elsewhere on the body during a session. These areas of contact are designed to assist your system in returning to a state of balance. Your body will eventually melt onto the table and drift into a light or a deep sleep, which is a compliment to any practitioner. There are times when a client may feel the need to talk a great deal such as when a recollection of hidden memory surfaces or emotions are expressed. The experience may differ from session to session. Some will remain still during the entire session, hardly noticing the practitioner’s hands on them, while others will experience sensations within the body as the session unfolds.

In 2013 I introduced drumming to my cranio sacral sessions ~ I begin with with a framed drum and then I use a drum that sounds like the ocean and take you on a journey ~ which then puts the client in a relaxed state.  The vibration of the drumming is very healing in itself. 

BCST is a deep and gentle approach that:

  •  Quiets the mind
  • Relaxes the body
  • Settles the nervous system

  • Opens the Heart 

As of 2013 I have completed my Advanced Training ~ however, I am happy to say that I am still pursuing it!

I have completed a 2 year, 700 hour Biodynamic Cranio Sacral training with Michael Shea in NYC.